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Why to rent out with
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1) Share Commissions
2) Get Advanced Payment
3) Guarantee your Income
Marketing, Reservations,
Check In/Out, Concierge,
Cleaning, Laundry, Maintenance
Over 26 years of Experience
on the market with more than
5.000 Real Estate Transactions
Digital Marketing is the key for a quick sale
When you sell with LAYVAK, your property is promoted on more than 50 independent Real Estate portals around the globe
HOW to rent out with LAYVAK?
There are three alternative ways
how we can work together to RENT OUT your property.
Choose what suits you the best!
You Earn = We Earn
Commission based partnership
for short-term and long-term rentals
It is an option for the owners who want to gain more income, taking into account seasonality of the demand in Costa del Sol. The rental income is proportionally shared between the owner of the property and LAYVAK as the management company, according to the shares agreed previously. It is expected that property will generate much higher income during high season (May-September) rather than during the low season (October-April).
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Cash in Advance
One-time advanced payment
for long-term rentals
It is an option for the owners who are in need of
an immediate advanced payment for the long-term rental of their properties. Full amount is paid
by LAYVAK prior to the first day of the rental period.
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Fixed guaranteed profit
for long-term rentals
It is an option for the owners who are looking for
a fixed monthly income for the rental of their properties with no "surprises" coming from potential tenants. No matter if it is high or low season, the owner will always receive the same income that is priorly agreed. It is guaranteed and paid directly by LAYVAK within the first week of each month.
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Feedback of our clients
Nicholas, 29 years old
Even though LAYVAK сharged me their management commission, I still earned more
than I did last year, when I rented
my apartment by myself
Ivan, 32 years old
I couldn't find any tenants willing to pay me for the rental of my flat 6 months in advance, but Vladimir from LAYVAK Real Estate Group managed to do so. I have checked conditions
of my property several times since the rental
has started, and it is mantained well so far.
Maria, 58 years old
We left our house in reliable hands of Jose Alberto 2 years ago. He sends money to our bank account every months with no delays. Rental goes seamless, comfortable and secure. My husband and I highly recommend this gentleman for long-term rentals !
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