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Personal Shopper is a professional
who knows how to defend interests of his client
To save time
To save money
To avoid "surprises"
To avoid conflict of interests
saves for you
"Why would I need to use the services of Personal Shopper?"
To stay assured that your interests are our priority, as LAYVAK's services will be hired by you
rather than by seller of the property
To minimize amount of time spent on irrational visits, that you will do with a traditional estate agent by 70%
with a help local expert filtering irrelevant options
To face 0 amount of hidden and unpleasant surprises thanks to continuous review of LAYVAK's financial and legal departments
To save between 5% and 20% of the property price due to LAYVAK's exclusive access to the properties, that are not yet available to general public, and thanks to our excellent negotiation skills based on deep knowledge of the market and its products
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